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Learn. Change. Earn.

We believe anyone can become an ambassador for a Better World, as long as they are equipped with knowledge to support them to make eco-conscious choices in every day life.

The Green Ambassador Challenge engages users in a gamified learning adventure around sustainability, offering rewards for completing learning challenges.


Start a challenge

Below you can find the currently available challenges. If you fail to beat a challenge, you can retry untill you succeed, showing that you have gained knowledge on the sustainable topic.

Every challenge can only be completed once, but new challenges will be made available regulary so make sure to check back often.

Climate Change

Explore essential concepts shaping our planet's future. Test your understanding of climate science, impacts, and mitigation strategies in our first challenge.

The Arctic Polar Vortex

Explore the Arctic polar vortex's dynamics, impacts on global weather and its role in global warming.

Sustainable Coffee: Brewing a Better Future

Explore how sustainable coffee production benefits the environment and learn how you can contribute to brewing a better future in this collab with MugShot.

Become a Green Ambassador!

Learn how you can become a Green Ambassador and start earning B3TR today.